Friday, 11 February 2011

Gottex swimsuits

Gottex swimsuits started in Hungary but are now based in Israel in the Mediterranean.

Gottex bathing suits shout originality and visionary design and have done in swimwear since the 1950s. Gottex slimming swimwear is detail orientated and at its core is made in intense colours and vibrant prints. Gottex bathing suits are very innovative and fashionable and many styles of Gottex swimsuit is now designed as slimming swimwear for great tummy control.

Gottex swimwear is a beautiful slimming swimwear brand. Gottex has won the following prestigious swimwear awards: the American Fashion Award in Dallas, the Industry Prize in Milan, the Textile Prize in Paris, the Fashion Festival Prize in Cannes, the German Designer of the Year award in Dusseldorf, the Swimsuit Prize in the UK and the Needle Prize in Israel.

The featured swimsuit is the starlight black beaded swimsuit.
Other great brands include:

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