Friday, 17 September 2010

Slimming swimwear and shapewear

Swimwear is not like lingerie, corsets or pyjamas. With lingerie you can wear a loose fitting camisole or a teddy or it is worn under lose fitting clothes or when it is visible it is with your partner in a room with subdued lighting which helps hide the lumps and bumps. A corset by its very nature hides all of your unwanted folds and gives you a great hourglass shape. And pajamas, well they are fantastic. They are meant to be worn loose fitting or baggy style so no problems there girls if you've indulged one chocolate too many!

But the brach or a cruise is different. Baggy swimwear is not the most alluring fashion item you can wear - so WHAT is a girl meant to do.....? Well some clever backroom boffin came up with Miraclesuit slimming swimwear which uses a special fabric that helps to mould your excessive bits into a beautifully feminine shape. Slimming swimwear is now becoming enormously popular as it gives women much more freedom on a cruise ship, by the pool or swimming by the beach.

Miraclesuit slimming swimsuits come in many colours and designs which all use this clever fabric. The slimming swimsuits also use clever patterns and design styles to hide problem areas or to draw the eye towards a shapely bust or hips.

Come on girls don't leave home without one! It will be one of the most pleasing fashion purchases you ever make.

And what about shapewear I hear you say! Well the boring old girdles are long gone and vintage lingerie specialist What Katie Did produces elegant retro shapewear to knowk your socks off!....and his!!!!!!!

If you require mastectomy bras and you want luxurious fashion items then watch out for the super feminine new collection from Di Murini.

Come on girls we can all be in Vogue!

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